EST. 1987

Our History

In 1987,
Our company established and began producing an high-end rattan furniture as manufacturer under the name of PT. Rattindo Bhakti Industries. Rattindo was successful leading and contributing massive volume of international rattan furniture sales worldwide. It took its reputation as wellknown and best rattan manufacturer in Indonesian industry history.

In 1998,
PT.Rattindo Bhakti Industries upgraded on organization and changed its name into PT. Kudos Istana Furniture. Kudos itself came from a Greek wording, meaning "praise and honour for an achievement." 
In the decades, our ability and capacity were expanded to produce wooden Furniture.

In 2008,
PT. Kudos Istana Furniture again expanding their facility to produce upholstery and metal furniture and started on focusing in domestic commercial projects such as hotel, resort, luxury residential include apartment and individual housing.
By the management commitment to be the greatest furniture manufacturer, Kudos relocated their manufacturer with 22 Ha area with rattan, wooden, metal, wicker and upholstery as their in-house facility.

In 2010,
To supporting those commitment, Kudos was re-generating and adding some new high technology machineries such as CNC, Optic cut etc which supporting our massive capacity and quality.

In 2014,
Kudos started to become an integrated furniture manufacturer by implementing Total Quality Management & Lean Manufacturing system.

Who We Are

Today, PT. Kudos Istana Furniture with 1,000 employees and 22 Ha area, become one of the Indonesian largest furniture manufacturer, with innovative ideas, services, quality assurance, in-house testing and integrated managemet quality and manufacturing system.

PT Kudos Istana Furniture keep leading the steps of expanding the capacity which ready to ship more than 720 containers a year around the world. By combining our company core values (Customers satisfaction, integrity, persistence & Excellence) & mission (to provide furniture for better life), PT. Kudos Istana Furniture continue arising to become one of the biggest furniture factory in the world.

Mission & Vision of Kudos

Providing Furniture For More Precious Life

To be a Worldwide Furniture Company

Core Values :
1. Customer First
2. Intergrity
3. Persistance
4. Excellence
5. We Are Kudos